Heart Mini Race Day

Hi all! This post is a little bit later than I expected it to be, but I wanted to update you on how my race went. The race was last Sunday, and I was worried all weekend about the weather. The forecast said it was going to be in the 50’s but rainy. I don’t always mind running in the rain, but when it’s under 70 I’d rather do without it. Luckily for us runners, the rain stopped by the time my dad and I got to the starting area!

My dad is faster than me, so he started off (and finished) ahead. I decided to stick with a group of walk/runners, but by the time the second mile came about I was cruising. My first 4 1/2 miles felt great! I felt like my pace was nice, I wasn’t too hot or cold, and I wasn’t having any problems with breathing either, which is something I usually struggle with.

However, by about the mid-point my feet really started to bother me. I had decided to wear my new running shoes for the race, and I probably should’ve waited and broke them in more first. I definitely paid for it! My left foot was cramping for the remainder of the race to the point where I was curling up my toes while running to try and stop the cramps. Now that was uncomfortable! Even though my pace slowed, I didn’t give up. I eventually made my way across the finish line with a time of 1 hour and 42 minutes (keep in mind this was a 15k). This was about were I expected me to be, so despite slowing down towards the end I was still pretty satisfied with my time. To top it all of there were tons of free snacks at the end, and for a broke college kid who loves food, that was totally worth the 9 miles.

Here I am with my medal! I am so ready to get my next one:)



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