Shoes: Finding Your Fit

Running shoes- one of my favorite topics. Why? Because as I runner, you really should be getting a new pair or running shoes every year! Who doesn’t love new shoes? Here’s the catch: if you’re really serious about running, meaning you’re training for some sort of race, you need to be getting a pair of running shoes fit for your foot. This means that the shoe you are wearing needs to be compatible with the motion mechanics of your foot and the way your foot strikes the ground. Does your heel strike the ground? There’s a shoe for that! Do you tend to push off mainly from your small, outside toes? There’s a shoe for that too!

Buying shoes fit for your feet is essential in avoiding injuries during your training season. Running long distances in shoes that aren’t compatible could lead to discomfort and even long-term injuries. So how do you know if your shoes are a good fit? There are lots of running stores who have employees that can evaluate the way you walk and run and find a shoe that works for you. I’ve been going to Bob Roncker’s Runing Spot for the last four years, and I’m never disappointed. The key to it all is picking the shoe that feels the best, not the shoe that looks the best. Never pick your shoes based off of style or color scheme. This can be rather difficult but is a major no-no. Trust me, once you find your shoe match, you’ll thank me later!


Ps: Here’s my shoe match…I’ve gotten the same type of shoe (Brooks Adrenaline) for the last three years!



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